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このホームページはユーノス ロードスター/マツダ ロードスターを愛するメンバーで構成する非営利親睦団体「J-ROAD OPEN CLUB」が提供するものです。
各種情報を提供致しますが御覧になられた方に如何なる損失が発生したとしても「J-ROAD OPEN CLUB」は保証いたしません。同時に御覧になられる方の権利を制限するものでもありません。
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This homepage is MAZDA EUNOS ROADSTER The nonprofit friendship organization "J-ROADOPEN CLUB" who consists of members who love a roadster provides.
Although I offer various information, though what loss occurs in those who had a look, "J-ROAD OPEN CLUB" does not guarantee. The right of those who have a look simultaneously is not restricted, either.
those from whom expenses, such as communication charges, an access charge, etc. for looking at this homepage, have a look -- you pay .
"Page in" is carried out after consenting to the above-mentioned contents.