Hello! This is "J-ROAD OPEN CLUB"

The roadster which will run a town in 1990. At the moment of passing, each shakes a hand and exchanges greetings. The roadster at which it happened to be by chance in the parking lot - owner approaches with smile and speaks. " hello!!". Although it is the first meeting, there is nothing in sense of incongruity etc. The smiling face of the person who took out "the courage of mere a few" and became roadster owner. After ordering, there are some persons who continued waiting for about one year. Friends increase in number on a "natural to meet much more people's smiling face" derivation target.
January, 1991, formal inauguration. There were still five members. They were bansyu-area(falling snow). if ten "members gather ... "
And many roadster members gathered. It is only a pleasant member.
The person who looked at the magazine.
The person introduced from dealer(mazda/eunos).
The person who met in the middle of the touring.
The person who had told ... ghIfll join to J-ROAD, if I bought the roadster.h

The camp of a monthly day's trip touring, the one-night touring of GW(may-holiday ), and midsummer.
A member gathers on a holiday and its own car of each other is maintained.
It is wholly full of the love to a roadster.
NA-NB, MT-AT, and a type of a car are various. A normal vehicle and dressing vehicle up is also.

"J-ROAD OPEN CLUB" A pleasant life with a roadster is helped.
And the present member will exceed 60 persons in 2002.